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Foreclosure Defense Attorney Covering Jacksonville

Our 3 Step Process in defending our clients in a Foreclosure Suit

Foreclosure Defense

Have you stopped opening your mail? Do you avoid answering the phone or opening your front door? If you haven’t kept up your mortgage repayments, foreclosure is an unpleasant reality that no one wants to face. Unfortunately, hiding away from the issue isn’t going to make it go away. A sensible option is to consult a lawyer that’s skilled in foreclosure law and could help you achieve a satisfactory outcome which may not involve losing your home. As a well-established legal firm who specializes in debt problems, we can help


Even if your financial situation looks exceptionally bleak, there are always choices available. In some cases we can stall the foreclosure process; in others we may be able to halt recovery action completely. As we often find that foreclosure may be taking place on several loans simultaneously, we can often find a way of satisfying all your creditors without causing you or your family undue hardship.


Being unable to meet your financial commitments can cause considerable shame and embarrassment. Some people may even experience mental health issues because of the problems their debt causes. We know that a financial crisis can happen to anybody and will always do what we can to provide a supportive, pro-active legal service that empowers our clients to take control of their situation and find a way forward

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